What is StakeWise?
StakeWise is a DeFi platform that allows anyone to earn an income by staking ETH. We run secure smart contracts & institutional-grade infrastructure to maximize your earnings and allow you to exit from staking at any time, so you don’t have to remain locked up in staking like on other platforms.
How does StakeWise work?
Whenever you make an ETH deposit, we pool it with deposits from others and launch validators on the Ethereum network on your behalf. Validators participate in the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and earn an income in ETH from it. StakeWise then distributes these earnings based on the user’s share of the pool.
What is the staking fee?
We charge 10% of the rewards earned by users to maintain our platform & improve our service. All earnings distributed to users are net of our commission.

For example, if a validator earns 1 ETH in staking rewards, our share will be 0.1 ETH (10%), while the users will receive 0.9 ETH (90%).
How much can I expect to earn?
Income from staking on Ethereum varies depending on the amount of ETH staked in the network in total. Current yield offered by staking ETH is around 4.4%, which does not include the StakeWise commission.
Is StakeWise safe to use?
Our smart contracts have been audited by the top security companies like Runtime Verification and Quantstamp and passed their vulnerability testing. We also have an Immunefi bug bounty worth $200,000 to any security researcher that is able to find vulnerabilities in our code.

We take precautions against slashing risk by using a diverse set of validator clients, running a decentralized infrastructure, and keeping software-level slashing protection enabled at all times.

To date, the platform has not suffered from any security breaches or slashing and handles over $150 million of staked assets for its users.
Does StakeWise have access to my funds?
StakeWise is a non-custodial liquid staking platform, which means that all the funds’ flows are handled by smart contracts and StakeWise cannot touch the user funds even if it wanted to.
Is there any minimum or maximum amount I can deposit?
There are no limits to the amount you can stake with StakeWise - whether it’s 1 gwei or 100,000 ETH, deposits of all sizes are accepted.
Are there any network fees I should expect to pay?
There is a gas fee that users need to pay in order to make a deposit in StakeWise. The size of the gas fee will vary depending on the prevailing gas prices in the Ethereum network. Users can expect to pay $5-30 for the deposit transaction depending on the level of gas prices at the moment of their deposit.
How will I know that I am staking?
Upon making a deposit, you will receive sETH2 tokens that represent your stake in a 1:1 ratio with ETH. As long as you hold this token you will receive rETH2 tokens that represent your income in ETH also in a 1:1 ratio. This means that merely holding sETH2 in your wallet means that you are staking.

Both tokens are redeemable 1:1 for ETH from the validators at the moment validator withdrawals become available in the Ethereum network, and are immediately exchangeable for ETH at the prevailing exchange rate (currently 0.9965 ETH for sETH2 and 0.9948 ETH for rETH2).

Note: transferring your sETH2 to another address will also transfer your stake to that address.
Is there any minimum or maximum amount I can withdraw?
The amount you can withdraw from StakeWise is limited only by the amount you have staked & earned. Your stake & income can always be withdrawn at a 1:1 ratio and in full at the moment that validator withdrawals on Ethereum become possible (expected in 2023); until then, StakeWise has $100 million of liquidity to offer to users who want to withdraw early.
Where can I ask for help in using your service?
Our team & community are committed to high standards of customer service, so we are available 24/7 in Discord , Telegram and Twitter . You can also send any non-urgent inquiries or requests for assistance to our email .